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Despite the Canadian government's endeavours to curtail single-use plastic packaging by 2030, plastic food packaging remains a substantial contributor to global solid waste. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic precipitated a surge in takeout services by fast-food establishments and delivery platforms, necessitating the widespread adoption of single-use plastic items to mitigate health risks. This reliance on plastic bags, containers, and utensils persisted even as the country gradually reopened post-lockdown.


This project explores sustainable design packaging for minimizing or substituting single-use plastic in Canadian fast-food takeout chains amid sustained growth and demand for such services. While alternative materials exist, no one enjoys drinking from a soggy straw or eating from a wooden spoon.

Ori Tsuru offers consumers a convenient , durable and sustainable option for mealtime use, with the added benefit of recyclability, thus promoting a circular approach to plastic consumption and waste management within the fast-food industry.

Design & Research: Carmela Cammisuli

Personal Project

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