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Creating a Narrative that Empowers and Educates Young Children on Dyslexia
To date, there are very few resources that educate or inform students about the physical and mental symptoms and effects of living with dyslexia, leaving those with dyslexia vulnerable and isolated with the risk of being bullied or feeling low self-esteem. This book "meet izzi" was created as a tool to engage and educate grade school children unaware of dyslexia and empower those with it to create an inclusive and positive classroom environment.


Interactive Design was used to allow viewers to feel and see what it is to be dyslexic in an informative way. The combination of storytelling and the interactive mechanism, the magic wand, works as one to reveal the struggles of someone with dyslexia. Many key design decisions were made to ensure inclusivity for those with dyslexia, including the font size and style, colours and textures used, as well as the words, name of the character and the story development.
Design & Research: Carmela Cammisuli

Personal Project

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