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Untwist Road Trip

With summer fast approaching and Ontarians spending much of early 2021 in lockdown, consumers were searching for a way to relax and unwind with their loved ones. However, with Covid-19 threatening a second summer of getaways with restrictions and heightened travel protocols, our consumers were turning once again to the classic summer escape: the road trip.


After more than a year of uncertainty, fear and burnout caused by the pandemic, Twizzlers saw an opportunity to contemporize the brand while tapping into the “untwist” need state. As weekend road trips were planned, and cottage escapes were booked, Twizzlers sought to recreate the iconic road trip moment and help families return to simpler times, with the help of a timeless road trip snack.


Tapping into the retro appeal of the road trip moment, we brought to life the Twizzlers RV, a nod to the nostalgic joy of long rural drives, road trip playlists, and indulgent snacks.
Art Direction: Carmela Cammisuli

Copywriter: Madison Rogers

Executive Creative Director: Kim Tarlo

Producer: Alex Jesus

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