Distracted Driving

February 14, 2018

So what have I been working on? Last year, I had the opportunity to work with Cox Automotive on their Distracted Driving Campaign. Dash Agency was asked to come up with Social videos to create awarness and showcase the effects of driving high, drunk and distracted. 



Distracted and impaired driving are epidemics that plague Canadian roads. According to Canadian studies. Approximately four Canadians every day are killed due to impaired driving crashes.


While distracted driving has grown to the number one risk on our roads and is a contributing factor in 80% of collisions. Cox Canada felt it was important to remind Canadians of the risks of impaired and distracted driving so they asked Dash to create a series of videos to highlight the dangers and outcomes of drinking, taking drugs, and texting while driving. Dash created three videos called Weapon, Roll, and Swipe. These were featured on Facebook over the 2017 holiday period and gathered over 100,000 views. Based on this success they will be used in 2018 during every long weekend to encourage Canadians to keep our roads safe.




Client: Cox Automotive

Art Director: Carmela Cammisuli

Creative Director: Dave Carey & Christian Lunny

Agency: DASH Agency 


Read more here: http://coxautoinc.ca/distracted-and-impaired-driving/







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